Step Out of the Conceptual Mind

I sometimes feel that my practice is going nowhere -- therefore part of me says I must not "really" be practicing. I happened on the following clip one morning when I was feeling this way and it seemed a serendipitous answer to my feeling, leaving me with renewed resolve.

Ken's comments in the clip come at the close of a discussion of ngondro. The discussion and questions have turned to whether or not to do ngongdro, or whether or not to count the prostrations. Ken talks about the question "why do I practice" and how "understanding is cheap." After the clip, he clarifies that the understanding he is referring to is intellectual understanding.

A Trackless Path 12 01:34:34 - 01:36:50

(from ATP12: A Trackless Path (retreat) 01:34:34.00 - 01:36:50.00)

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