Practice Daily

Practice Daily (from TAN01: Then and Now (class) 00:06:34.90 - 00:07:31.10)

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Practice is basically your responsibility. I suggest that you practice at least half an hour a day. Better, 40 minutes to an hour, but half an hour is really the minimum. Whatever form your practice takes, it is going to help you very significantly in absorbing and being able to make use of the material because it is through practice that we get a somewhat quiet mind, and the quiet mind is one which understands things... becomes naturally clear, and that clear, quiet mind naturally understands things much more than the busy intellectual, thinking mind. In some ways it’s a different kind of understanding, an understanding that a lot of people in this culture are not used to; but it’s a far stronger, far deeper, far more vibrant understanding.
Note: Please compare this with later comments by Ken on developing Basic Skills, in case you are just about to start out and feel a little bit intimidated about the half an hour plus "requirement":-).