The Capacity to Feel

The Capacity to Feel (from Sutra Session 20 00:48:58.00 - 00:57:02.00)

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Eight minutes about
  • the capacity to feel,

  • "feel whatever arises, don't believe any of it",

  • "we move into victim when we believe them" (our feelings),

  • Toltec teaching and book - Be impeccable with your Word,

  • doubt: "great doubt, great awakening; little doubt, little awakening; no doubt, no awakening",

  • "I am not able to handle it" - no, it is about "how are you are going to do it, we don't have any choice to it", and the

  • experience of life, what do you do with it, be an active agent: "oh, I can't be an active agent there", "first I have to be able to experience it ... that's where it starts".
Finally, this is non of Ken's teachings, but I hope he also finds this slogan by Scott Campbell funny:

Zurich, Paradeplatz, 2012-02-21