Conflict (from PAP10: Power and Presence (retreat) 00:06:47.00 - 00:12:00.00)

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Now - most people want to know something about power, because they don't know how to handle conflict.

So I want to talk a bit about conflict.

First bit: what is conflict.

Conflict is the experience of resistance to change when two or more worlds interact.


Conflict only arises in the context of relationship. If there is no relationship, there is no conflict.


So what conflict represents is a problem in a relationship.

And you never have any idea of how the conflict is going to evolve. You have a lot of experience, you can make some fairly good guesses, but you can never actually know. There are always too many factors in operation. Some of them can be just the operation of chance.

Which means that when you enter a conflict, you can not know the result.

I'll come back and say a bit more about that in a moment.