Wanting To Be Loved

Wanting To Be Loved (from Three Jewels 00:19:54.35 - 00:23:01.00)

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And then there’s all the emotional reactions which we’re getting stuck on all the time. So here’s where the Dharma comes in: relating to experience completely.

Well, very interesting things happen then. For instance, you take a typical emotional reaction, say, wanting to be loved. Now if you go into this completely, you’re going to have to figure out what there is in you to be loved. Right? And who’s going to do all of that loving? And as with any facet of our experience the more deeply you go into it the less you find to hold onto.

And you find that in the case of wanting to be loved, means that the only way to do that – to meet that is to be completely open to all of experience yourself. In other words, to love everything. And you find that this turn happens over and over again when we go into experience.

Anger, the other thing; If you’re going to be angry you’ve got to be angry at something, you can’t be angry at nothing. So to really go into that you’ve got to find what you’re angry at. And because anger has so much energy the more that you go into it the more difficult it is to find anything to be angry at, but the clearer and clearer your mind grows. So this is what it means to go into your experience completely. And that’s the Dharma.