Knowing (from TAN02: Then and Now (class) 01:17:21.20 - 01:19:12.90)

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Student: Can you say something about about when you say to know, because we’re not talking about knowing.

Ken: We’re not talking about the understanding. We’re talking...

Student: The experience?

Ken: Ya, very much so. [Takes a piece of paper.] What do you see?

Student: I see a piece of paper.

Ken: How do you know it?

Student: Because I’m experiencing the thing in my eye that sees it...

Ken: I’m going to give you a Nasruddin story here.

One afternoon Nasruddin was at a friend’s place and they got involved in a very interesting conversation. Time passed and it grew dark and neither of them were aware of it. Eventually his friend said, “Nasruddin it’s dark, why don’t you light a candle? You’ll find some candles and matches in a drawer by your right hand.”

And Nasruddin said, “You fool, how can I know my right from my left in the dark?”

And that’s the answer to your question. [laughter] Okay?

Student: [inaudible]

Ken: You want me to repeat that? You can remember that?

So you work on that. How do you know your right from the left in the dark? What makes that possible?
In Germany we say: "Rechts ist da, wo der Daumen links ist." (Right is there, where the thumb is on the left.)