The mind of all buddhas

From: Chö 7
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Let your breath settle. Let go of any thoughts about the past. Don’t anticipate the future. Don’t think about the present. And the knowing that arises, right there. Look and rest. That clear emptiness which is no thing, free from any kind of thinking, as empty and dimensionless as the sky. But not simply empty space because this clear knowing quality is there as well. It’s not different from the emptiness. That is the mind of all buddhas and the meaning of the perfection of wisdom. There is no other buddha than that. We don’t need to look anywhere else. It doesn’t come from anywhere. It doesn’t go anywhere. There’s nothing you can point to and say, “It is that.” Yet it is present all the time. It is no thing in itself. Yet it is the basis of all experience. Even in the most crazed confusion it is present, just as it is present in the quietest, stillest mind.