Void Dakini

We've clipped six guided meditations from the Five Elements | Five Dakinis retreat podcasts. The fifth is the void dakini meditation:

Void Dakini Meditation (from FEFD06: Five Elements | Five Dakinis (retreat) 00:49:22.63 - 00:58:40.00)

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Void is about space, the sky, the still point of the turning world, the space which allows things to move, take form, come into being. Too strong and it's the end of the world, earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanoes and hurricanes, one on top of the other. Too weak and it's like death, the dissolution of any form of being, dull, blank, nothing. In reaction, it manifests as confusion and bewilderment. In response, it is presence, the indescribable experience of things just being what they are.

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