Body like a mountain

This is the first part of a three-part guided meditation: Body like a mountain, breath like the sea, mind like the sky.

Body like a mountain (from MSS: Mountain, Sea, Sky 0:13:08.00 - 0:19:30.00)

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Body like a mountain. Feel your body, there maybe all kinds of sensations in your body. Maybe some pains, maybe some tensions, maybe feelings of warmth and relaxation. Whatever you experience, be aware of your whole body, and include whatever sensations, comfortable, or uncomfortable, in that awareness of the whole body. So your body just sits, perfectly at ease, like a mountain.


Your body naturally moves with the breath, so don’t try to hold the body still. Let the body move with the breath, however it wants, and you may find, that it becomes still on its own.

I also talked about depth in the body. So feel your body as deeply as you can.


You opening to your body, and your body opening to you.


And if you get distracted, involved in a bunch of thoughts, remember, this is practice. When you become aware of that, relax, and just come back to the sensation of your body, and rest there. So rather than trying to hold yourself still, just return, and be still. You may only be still for a few moments, and that’s fine. This is practice. And whenever you recognize, that you become agitated or distracted, relax, and return.


Don’t try to make things one way or another. A mountain doesn’t care whether the sky is cloudy or clear, whether there’s wind or not. Just whatever is there, experience it. It’s a different way of experiencing life. Not wanting it to be this way or that. Just experiencing it, however it is.


Body like a mountain.



Note: Thanks to Tracy Ormond for the transcribing.